Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living. You do! Resolve to follow these eight diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips, and you can be good to yourself this winter - and all year long.

De-Stress With Meditation
Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living

The bad weather, the seasonal pace, work: If this time of year has your stress meter spiking, it may be time to close your eyes, breathe and get a little repetitive.

Repetition is at the heart of meditation's soothing power. The act of banishing thoughts, focusing on your breathing, and repeating a single word or phrase, fires up your body's natural relaxation response.

And meditation can do more than soothe away stress. Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living. Research shows it may help lower blood pressure, boost immunity, reduce PMS symptoms, even aid in fertility and the delivery of a new mom's milk.

Enjoy the Benefits of Yogurt
Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living

It's creamy smooth, packed with flavor -- and just may be the wonder food you've been craving. Research suggests that that humble carton of yogurt may:

  • Aid gastrointestinal conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and constipation

  • Help prevent osteoporosis
  • Reduce your risk of high blood pressure
Ready to take home a few cartons of yummy yogurt? When buying think low-fat, make sure the yogurt contains active cultures and vitamin D, and keep tabs on sugar content.

Help Holiday Heartburn
Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living

Getting hit with heartburn over the holidays? Help is at hand! Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living. Try these hints and you can stop the burn before it starts:

Get Up 
Stretching out for a nap post-meal is a great way to guarantee you'll get reflux. Instead, keep your head higher than your stomach or keep right on walking, away from the dinner table and out the door. Light exercise is a great way to prevent heartburn.

Know Your Triggers 
Certain foods feed heartburn's flame. Typical triggers include foods full of sugar and fat think pumpkin pie slathered with whipped cream. Instead reach for complex carbs like veggies and whole-wheat breads or at least share that dessert!

Enjoy your favorite foods but in moderation. No need to heap on the goodies (or go back for seconds and thirds!). Packing your stomach with food makes heartburn much more likely.

Kiss Holiday Cold Sores Good-bye
Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living

Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living. Holidays: That busy time for toasting the coming year, savoring seasonal sweets, staying up late and cold sores?

If you find you're more prone to cold sores (also called fever blisters) during the hectic holiday season, you may be your own worst enemy. That's because lack of sleep, too much alcohol or sugar, stress, and close physical contact (think auntie's smooches) can all contribute to outbreaks.

Health Tips for Winter - Healthy Living. So, to help keep your kisser cold-sore-free this year or to keep from passing your cold sores to others try these tips:

Don't overdo the holiday goodies -- maintain a healthy diet.
  • Get plenty of rest.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Don't share food or drink containers.
  • Discard used tissues.
  • Don't kiss on or near anyone's cold sore and don't let them near yours!
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