Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics"

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics".
Your health care before conception positively affects genetic expression of your baby. By optimizing nutrition and nutrient status via vitamins and minerals we can contribute to the raising of exceptionally healthy individuals, whose genetic blueprint has been created in an optimally healthy environment. This is the greatest gift a parent can offer their child. The chance to change the health of future generations.
Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics"
Epigenetics (literally “above genetics”) is an exciting new area of research which shows that even genetic defects can be prevented through nutrition. In other words we can, through nutrition, actually prevent genetic defects, by acting on the trigger in the fetus, and shutting down the defective gene. Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics".

1 in 4 major cardiac defects are preventable by periconceptual multivitamin supplementation – but only if started before or during the 1st month of pregnancy.  
Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics"
Research demonstrates that maternal nutrition during preconception, pregnancy and lactation can directly affect genetic function in offspring. Even better, this can then affect successive generations. This finding shows that diet can affect gene expression and that can be heritable. Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics".

Overweight or obese women with a BMI > 31 have 30-40% greater risk of having a baby with a major birth defect.
Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics"
By treating the health issues of the mother during pregnancy and encouraging the mother to achieve optimal metabolic function while the baby is in utero, we can affect the child’s likelihood of manifesting the same genetic predispositions.

Participating in a preconception health plan that is tailored to prevent specific genetic predispositions, can assist in achieving the best possible pregnancy outcome for both mother and baby. Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics".

Eggs take 100 days to mature and sperm takes 116 days to generate.
Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics"
The four month period preceding conception, will dictate the health and viability of both egg and sperm. Infertility largely results from environmental and dietary toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, age, stress, infection, and immune dysfunction.

Preconception detoxification, supportive nutrition and supplementation can dramatically affect pregnancy outcome, and postpartum recovery. If you are planning on becoming pregnant or have experienced fertility issues, considering a preconception health plan may be the best gift you could give your family. Health Tips for Today - Health and Wellness "Epigenetics".

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