Health Tips for Spring - Recharge The Body and Mind

Monday, May 26, 2014

Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind. With Spring around the corner, it is time to recharge the body and mind for the next season. Here are some activities good for your health.

Consider Becoming an Early Bird
Studies have shown that people who wake up earlier are healthier than those night owls who snooze the morning away. Taking advantage of the morning light will also give you a good dose of needed vitamin D. And you'll get a leg up on symptoms of depression.

Get in the Garden
Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind

Not only does it make your landscaping pretty, but gardening also burns approximately 250 to 350 calories an hour. For optimal health benefits, doing garden three times a week for an hour at a time. Anything that makes you sweat eg. mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, hauling mulch qualifies as exercise. Rotate the tasks for every 20 minutes or so to give all your major muscle groups a workout and to avoid over straining one set of muscles.

Start Thinking About Allergy Season
If you know you are prone to sniffles and sneezes as the weather warms up, now is the time to stock up on allergy medications. Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind suggest that you will still need to see your doctor if you take nasal steroids or other prescription-only drugs to ease your allergies.

Get Dirty
Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind

Let you and your kids get dirty, too. Getting dirty can be exposure to common bacteria, and common bacteria are good for you. When they routinely inhabit our bodies, they can produce vitamins and proteins we need and help make our immune and gastrointestinal systems work.

Take a Walk During Your Lunch Hour
Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind. Not only will it give you a chance to stop and smell the daffodils; a walk will also get you away from your desk and provide that moderate exercise doctors keep recommending.

Cleanup Your Makeup Drawer
Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind

Like most products, cosmetics expire. So while you're cleaning out your medicine cabinet, toss out that tube of mascara, that concealer container, and any other makeup you've had so long you can not remember when you bought it. This way, you will be able to minimize your risk of eye infections or bacteria-induced breakouts.

Think Global, Eat Local
Investigate community-supported agriculture. Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind. When you sign up for weekly deliveries or pickups, you get access to in-season fresh vegetables, fruits, flowers, and eggs while local farmers get a guaranteed income base.

Trade Flip-Flops for Foot-Friendly Kicks
Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind

Each year, as summer approaches, experts warn against those rubbery thongs. While convenient, they're flimsy, making wearers more susceptible to injuries like stubbed toes, rolled or sprained ankles, tendinitis, blistering, arch pain, and stress fractures.

Change Your Pillows
Some experts estimate that, after five years, up to 10 percent of a pillow's weight is made up of allergy- or asthma-provoking bacteria, pollen, fungi, mold, and dust mites. Disgusting, yes, so take steps to allergy proof pillows with protective covers that seal out allergens, and wash pillowcases with hot water weekly. Can't remember when you bought your pillows? Health Tips for Spring -  Recharge The Body and Mind recommend tossing them out every three to five years.

Sign Up Your Kids for Swimming Lessons
Drowning is the leading cause of accidents and deaths in children. But kids aren't ready for formal swim instruction until they're 4 years old, Until then, never allow babies or toddlers near a pool unsupervised not even for a minute. Take note that most drownings occur in kids under 2 years old.

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